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Troy Paiva (S.F. Bay Area)
Troy Paiva has been photographing the abandoned places of the American West since 1987. His photographs have been published in a book called Lost America. From the text: "Welcome to Lost America. Come with me to where the dry Mojave night wind sucks the moisture from your eyes and blows 5 year old newspapers around your legs. To where the the stars pinwheel over your head and the sage whispers thousand year old stories in your ears. Come with me to the land of broken dreams and forgotten futures." To see more images and read about Troy's adventures venture over to LostAmerica.com

The cover of Troy's Book: Lost America

Encampment near Kramer Junction, CA

"Into the distance, a ribbon of black
stretched to the point of no turning back
a flight of fancy on a windswept field
standing alone, my senses reeled
a fatal attraction holding me fast
how can I escape this irresistable grasp?
can't keep my eyes from the circling sky tongue tied and twisted,
just an earthbound misfit."

Learning to Fly by Pink Floyd

Rhyolite was the largest city in Nevada in 1900.
Today, only a few shells of buildings remain.

Air India 747, Mojave Airliner Boneyard
Spring 2003 

Rocket Test Site

Moonrise over a 1962 Chrysler.