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Karekin Goekjian (Athens, Georgia)
Born into an Armenian shoemaker's family in Beirut, Lebanon, Goekjian moved to the United States in 1970. He is known for his images of southern ruins photographed by moonlight and lightpainted with strobes and flashlights. His work has been widely exhibited and is in many permanent museum and corporate collections, from Paris and Milan to Washington, DC, Atlanta, and Oklahoma City. His images have appeared in Life, International Photography, and other periodicals. Two books of Karekin Goekjian's photographs have been published: Light After Dark: A Portrait of Southern Ruins (Lucinne, 1994) and, with Robert Peacock, Light of the Spirit: Portraits of Outsider Artists (University Press of Mississippi, 1998). Goekjian lives in Athens, Georgia where he runs a gallery in a historical building on the outskirts of the downtown area. To see more images by Karekin, visit www.karekingoekjian.com.

Light Impression

Outer Room


"Night wings, her hair chains, Here's your wooden greenback,
sing Wooden beams and dovetail sweep
I struck that picture ninety times,
I walked that path a hundred ninety,
Long, low time ago, people talk to me
A pistol hot cup of rhyme
The whiskey is water the water is wine

Marching feet, Johnny Reb, what's the price of heroes?
Six in one, half dozen the other,
Tell that to the captain's mother, Hey captain
don't you want to buy,
some bone chains and toothpicks?"

Swan Swan H, From: Lifes Rich Pageant
Copyright © R.E.M./Athens Ltd.)

Light Trees

Oak Creek
All images on this page © Karekin Goekjian