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David Baldwin (Great Britain)
I think that all of us crave something beautiful and transcendent in our lives, and for me night photography has fulfilled this need.  I was fortunate that as a boy I coincidentally developed separate interests in photography and astronomy.  My interest in night photography came about by accident, I started making star trail photographs which included some terrestrial foregrounds.   The interaction of trees, buildings, hills and sky produced effects which interested me in their own right.  I gradually changed my emphasis, away from pure astrophotography to landscapes which happened to include stars.   However,in terms of technique, I feel that it has always been a big advantage that the first textbooks I read on low light photography were written by astronomers.

I live and work in the south of England which offers many advantages for photography, not least a subtle and gentle landscape.  However, light pollution here is inescapable, so however much I deplore the light from the cities I have developed my own photographic strategies for making use of it.   This is the reason for the strong colours in my pictures - these are the results of selecting different film types according to the colour effects I want to achieve and the type of light pollution I'm dealing with.   As a Photoshop trainer I suppose I could get similar results from digital manipulation  but I wouldn't be as proud of my images. www.nightfolio.co.uk

Thomas Sutton

Peperharow Plain, 2000

"The stars are really as much a part of us as our beautiful rolling
countryside, our mountains, rivers, and cities. We take pictures of all
these, so why not takes pictures of the stars?"

From Skyshooting, Photography for Amateur Astronomers
by R. Newton Mayall & Margaraet W. Mayall

Peperharow Plain, 2002

Misty Road, Wonersh

Factory, Buckingham