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Philip Pankov (Republic of Ireland)
Born near the Black Sea, Philip was developing and printing his own photographs by the time his family moved to Moscow when he was fourteen. In 1996, Philip first came to Ireland and has lived in Dublin ever since. While earning degrees from Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin, Philip began avidly photographing his adopted home. Philip's images of the Dublin city centre have been described as "An everyday view imbued with an extraordinary, almost noir-ish sense of drama," by The Irish Independent.

In a country where age-old tradition and rapid change co-exist, Philip's Irish photographs highlight the strengths of both and blend old and new seamlessly together. Recently, Philip was awarded the prestigious Licentiate Distinction from the Irish Photographic Federation. You can find out more about the artist at philpankov.com

Night Lines, James Joyce Bridge, Dublin, 2004

Night Lights, Grattan Bridge, Dublin, 2004

"On Grafton Street at Christmas time / The elbows push you 'round
This is not my place of memories / I'm a stranger in this town.

"The buskers sing by candle light / In front of Bewleys Store
And a young nun offers me a chair / At a table by the door.

"I hear you live near Dallas now / In a house out on the plains
Why Grafton Street brought you to mind / I really can't explain."

On Grafton Street by Nanci Griffith

Night Cafe, Dublin, 2003

Lonely Night, Ha'penny Bridge, Dublin, 2004  

Christmas Night, Grafton Street, Dublin, 2003

Night Reflections, Dublin, 2003