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Dan Heller (Northern CA)
Based in Northern California, Dan Heller is a freelance travel photographer, whose specialty is adventure
travel photography. Because of the broad range of subjects he covers, from people and cultures to
landscapes and abstracts, his work is often featured in many diverse publications: from photo
books to news and business journals, to fine art books.

Dan is the author of Profitable Photography in the Digital Age: Strategies for Success (Allworth Press, 2005) and
How to Make Money with Digital Photography (Lark/Sterling Press). For those interested, Dan includes plenty
of technical data, along with tips about the business of photography, and much more, as well as a series
of photographic tutorials, on his Web site - www.danheller.com

Museum, Bodie CA

Yosemite Stars #1

"Starry, starry night.
Paint your palette blue and grey,
Look out on a summer's day,
With eyes that know the darkness in my soul.
Shadows on the hills,
Sketch the trees and daffodils,
Catch the breeze and the winter chills,
In colours on the snowy linen land."

Vincent by Don Mclean (1970, 72)

Illuminated Tent, Death Valley, CA

Methodist Church, Bodie CA

Yosemite Stars #3

3.5 hr Exposure, Mt. Kilimanjaro