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"They are driven by a strange desire
Unseen by the human eye. The carnival is over.

. . . We sat and watched
As the moon rose again
For the very first time."

The Carnival is Over
by Dead Can Dance

"I see skies of blue
and clouds of white
The bright blessed day,
the dark sacred night
And I think to myself
what a wonderful world."

What a Wonderful World
(George Weiss/Bob Thiele), first recorded by Louis Armstrong
Schedule for 2017
Group shot, from a previous PhotoTour in the West of Ireland!
Photographers in their element; and check out those "Wellingtons!"

International Tours, Private Instruction, other Locations
The Light of Ireland (offered thru Strabo Tours) Sept 21 to October 1, 2018
Private Instruction - designed around your needs Date/times by arrangement
"Paint the Light Fantastic" (Harvey Milk Photo Ctr) 2018 dates TBA
Hidden Chinatown (San Francisco) March 2018
The Nocturnes AlumNight - Mare Island, November March 17, 2018

Mono Lake NPy Conference, Photo: Copyright Joe Reifer, 2003 Alum

Our comprehensive workshops, tutoring sessions, and semester-long courses at local colleges, etc. run in length from specialized. as-needed. one-on-one instruction to one-night Introductions to NPy; two, or three-night workshops; and on to a semester in length - involving field work, great locations, follow-up critiques, planned visits from special guest lecturers, and a few surprises! Newly created, our advanced NPy Workshop, The Advanced Digital Nocturne explores the nocturne, as captured exclusively with digital media. See examples of work created by alumni in our workshops, and read comments by some of the participants in our various programs.

You will learn to evaluate existing lighting situations and compose/expose accordingly. Most workshops are limited to 10-12 participants (semester-length courses, sometimes more) who will be closely supervised on location by one to two instructors, depending on final number of registrants. Students will provide their own equipment and are expected to be familiar with basic photographic techniques. Many of our semester-length courses deal with portfolio development during the second part of the course(s). The links at the top of this page will take you to a detailed description of the individual workshops and a link to download a registration form.

Founder/Director Tim Baskerville is no stranger to the nocturne having worked in this area of photography for more than 25 years.