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"In so many words . . . "
Talk about our Workshops, Classes, Events, and Mission:

December 31, 2002
"I've always loved The Nocturnes and deeply respect all your efforts on photography's behalf. Happy New Year!"

(Brian Kelly, Gallery Director, Grand Rapids, Michigan)

February 17, 2005
"Just spent some time poking around The Noctures website. Great! Love the images. So refreshing to find a group of photographers who are so interested in . . . photographs. You guys inspire me to do more along these lines myself!"

(Brooks Jensen, Editor, Lenswork Publishing, Anacortes, Washington)

April 30, 2002
"As I sit in an internet cafe in Claremorris, having driven the Irish roads for nearly 100 miles without killing anyone (despite one unplanned detour on a roundabout ten or twelve miles outside of Shannon)I wanted to post a few words of thanks. "Tim and Lance, you're simply tops. This was my third workshop with you two, each better than the last. Your abilities as photographers, your commitment as teachers, your warmth as friends, are beyond compare. "And Olcan, what can I say? A week ago, when I met you, I thought to myself that this is someone I'd feel lucky to call a friend. A week later, I feel like I've just said goodbye to a member of my family."

(Michael Quinn of San Francisco, from Claremorris, Ireland)

February 19, 2005
"Thank you for continuing to lead The Nocturnes, organize shows and events, and be an able spokesperson for night photography."

(John Vias, Berkeley, California)

June 30, 2005
"Your site is a masterpiece!"

(Denis Olivier, Bordeaux, France)

May 23, 2007
"Wish I'd known about your Web site long ago. Fantastic. Will definitely follow from now on. Isn't the internet wonderful! (You even quote David Crosby from the If I could only remember my name elpee!)"

(David Burke, Journalist, Norway)

November 3, 2007
"The 2007 FotoClave Commitee and the many attendees thank you for your inspiring teaching, and sharing your beautiful photographs with us"

(FotoClave Board of Directors, Burlingame, California)

August 16, 2002
"I wanted to thank you again for the class. I enjoyed it tremendously. I plan on making night photography a regular habit."

(Marc Babsin, San Francisco, California)

October 29, 2007
"Thanks for putting together another fun AlumNight event. I know it entails a lot of time and hard work. These events are very enjoyable and always unfold without a hitch. Mare Island is an interesting location, and it's neat to get "behind the scenes," as you have enabled us to do for each of these events. I just wanted to say thanks."

(John Monore, San Francisco, California)

February 7, 2006
"What you are doing for photography is wonderful!"

(Karekin Goekjian, Athens, Georgia)

September 14 , 2002
"And since I'm here, I might as well thank you for sharing your passion for night photography and creating a community of likeminded [people]. I am excited about the class and the learning, imagemaking and sharing that lies ahead."

(Betty Walker, Berkeley, California)

November 13, 2006
"Thanks for a great workshop; it has opened up for me a new area of opportunity for my photography that I knew nothing about. I am now very excited to start experimenting with it."

(Jose Urena, Southern California)

May 27, 2005
"I've been visiting your website for many years and found it to be such an excellent resource for my students. Thanks for all the good information. I especially enjoyed the interview with Michael Kenna."

(Ann Mitchell, Educator, Southern California)

January 19, 2003
"Before taking the Nocturnes workshop, I had been shooting at night "solo" for about two years. But the inspiration and enthusiasm that I took home from the workshops took my night photography to a whole new level. The best things about the Nocturnes workshop were the slide shows of both historical and contemporary night photography, the enthusiasm of the instructors, and personalized instruction during the three great night field trips. Also, this was the only photography workshop I've taken where I really enjoyed my time shooting with the group, instead of wanting to get it over so I could get home and work on my photography alone."

(Andy Frazer, San Jose, California)

December 20, 2001
"Thanks again . . . you should be very proud of all the night photographers you have launched into the world."

(Carol Henry, San Francisco, California)

May 8, 2004
"My negatives are delightful, just haven't had time for the darkroom to print anything. Really a very good workshop, opened up a whole new vista. Inspired me to finally go out and get a digital camera (Nikon D100 SLR - my Nikon lenses fit) - so spending time learning that was good."

(Dave Clark, Orange County, California)

October 11, 2007
"I never did get a chance to thank you for teaching the course at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts a few weeks ago. You are a patient and wonderful teacher and I appreciate all the help. It definitely inspired me to get out there and do more photography. thank you again."

(Judi R., San Francisco, California)

January 1, 2003
"I look forward to my continued association as a Nocturnes Alum. Thanks for the UC Berkeley Extension class, and the opportunities you gave me to show work publicly."

(Howard Spielman, San Francisco, California)

September 25, 2001
"I submitted some work to a Nocturnes show, and afterward, they asked if I would be willing to donate some digital images to their permanment collection, in which I was honored to do. I believe The Nocturnes give night photographers a forum to share ideas and techniques, as well as an opportunity to see wonderful work of the known and unknown artists in night photography. Again, I feel blessed by their generosity to me - as many people get to my site, via The Nocturnes link, as do folk just looking for Stu Jenks on the Web. Plus they are nice people as well."

(Stu Jenks, Tucson, Arizona)

January 18, 2003
"I've had a few instructors at UC Berkeley Extension - only Tim continues to keep in touch with his students, forwarding call for entries, chances to have further exhibitions, and continuing education via the website "The Nocturnes."

(Karen Schreiber, Palo Alto, California)

June 6, 2007
"I just wanted to say thank you so much for [hosting] The Nocturnes Web site. If it weren't for your Web site, I probably wouldn't be interested in photography and certainly wouldn't know that night photography existed."

(James Gallimore, Holmes Chapel, England)

January 19, 2003
"The Nocturnes participate in the cultural life of the City, they get out there and reach out to people. If someone hasn't thought of doing night images before meeting The Nocturnes, they surely will after. The Nocturnes are a significant force for change."

(Christopher Church, Montara, California)

September 11, 2004
"I wanted to thank all of you, who put together and have maintained this site over the years. I found it by accident a few years ago when I was researching how to image a meteor shower . . . and the night bug bit me. I continue to draw thought and inspiration from your site and just wanted to say thanks."

(Doug Clark, on NightTalk, the message board of The Nocturnes)