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" Hello darkness,
my old friend . . .
I've come to talk
to you again."

The Sound of Silence
by Simon and Garfunkel

"i call on the resting soul
of Galileo.
King of night vision,
king of insight."

by Indigo Girls

The Nocturnes AlumNight / Open House
March 19, 2016

"Fortunately, art is a community effort - a small but select community
living in a spiritualized world, endeavoring to interpret the wars and the
solitudes of the flesh."
- Allen Ginsberg

Hello Friends of The Nocturnes,

We are pleased to announce our 31st AlumNight event (still twice-yearly). Sponsored
by The Nocturnes Night Photography Web site and held at locations on Mare Island - Saturday, March 19, 2016, from 1:30 pm to 6:00pm - followed by night photography
until about 11pm.

Homeland #1, Mare Island by Tim Baskerville

This will follow the schedule/itinerary we've observed with AlumNights in the recent past. We have a number of announcements to make, much to talk about, and work (from you!) to see. All this, and a few more surprises - should be a another great AlumNight! So-o-o, bring your latest work, promo pieces, 'leave behinds,' questions(?), and just news of what's goin' on in your nocti-photo-life!

Right off, for this, our AlumNight-31, we meet near the North End of the Island (still 'pretty vacant' . . . ) - map to follow, upon RSVP - 1:30pm Saturday. Tim Baskerville will fill all the newcomers in on the 'lay of the land,' future plans for the Island, and cautionary (if not recessionary!) tales. At this point we can carpool/caravan to points on Mare Island you may not have visited before (this would be a good time for people who attended previously to break out, on their own - new locales to scout around!) - it's a fantastic place: equal parts 'wild west' and WestWorld; Penny Lane and Wisteria Lane - prime territory for Night Photographers!

By 2:30 - 3pm, we will head over to the Mare Island Museum (run by Mare Island Historic Park Foundation) in the historical center of the Former Naval Shipyard (MINSy), where Joyce Giles, a volunteer/tour guide for the foundation, will give us a brief history of the Mare Island Naval Shipyard (added to the National Register of Historic Places, 1975) and a tour of some of the Museum's exhibits. Again, a lot of changes in the museum each time we visit - we think you'll enjoy it! We have access to the Museum and its meeting space for our little show'n'tell, and Joyce can fill you all in on the details of the collection, the Foundation's plans for the future, and volunteer opportunities with them, should you be interested.

We will break for an early dinner around 5:00pm (pizza / beverages provided, as usual), followed by Night Photography throughout the historic core of Mare Island, from 6:30 to 11 pm - the usual (or unusual, depending on your viewpoint) 100-150 year-old brick buildings, massive ship-building equipment and structures, historic mansions, etc.

URLs of interest:

Also, view some of Tim's work, done on Mare Island -

And, have a look at some work done during our last couple of AlumNights and Flyway Festivals on Mare Island at our Flickr group -

We realize that you're all very busy people, but we hope you can attend. Once you confirm that you'll be attending (you will ABSOLUTELY NEED to RSVP via email - to: alumni [at] thenocturnes [dot] com - we have paperwork, permits, insurance riders, attendee lists, etc. to process), we will send you all the particulars about this fun event - times, directions, maps, where to park, payment info, what to bring (if you don't like pizza, you should bring along any special food requirements), and of course, the 'secret handshake' for admission!

NOTE that there is a $30/person fee for this special AlumNight event (payable/sent to Pacific Media Arts - P.O. Box 291, Napa, CA 94559 (NOTE: New Address) - this needs to be RECEIVED NO LATER than March 16th. PayPal submission also available:
contact Susan - nichols [at] thenocturnes [dot] com - for email to use for payment.

This event benefits both the Mare Island Historic Park Foundation and The Nocturnes - and covers the use of the facility/with Museum staff, as well as food/beverage for the early evening meal (not many eateries, right now, "on-Island!") - a small price to pay, we think, for unique insight and continued access to this historic 'time-scape' at night!

This event is intended for all past participants in The Nocturnes Workshop Series, the U.C. Santa Cruz, College of Marin, Napa Valley College, and U.C. Berkeley Extension Night Photography classes, The SF Bay area Flyway Festival NPy Workshop, the Expo for the Artist introductory Workshops, our fall "Studio Nocturne" event, and all local exhibitors in our online shows. It is also open, on a limited basis, to prospective 'devotees' as well - sort of an Open House - so, if you know of someone who's REALLY interested . . . or interesting . . .

But hurry - as they say: "space is limited . . . "

Tim Baskerville
Susan Nichols

alumni [at] thenocturnes [dot] com


"So, you really should VISIT more often . . ."

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"Fortunately, art is a community effort - a small but select community living in a spiritualized world, endeavoring to interpret the wars and the solitudes of the flesh." - Allen Ginsberg __________________________ Friends of The Nocturnes, In case you haven’t received advance notice (and/or already RSVPd us) – at this time, we would like to announce our 19th AlumNight event (now twice-yearly again), to you, our illustrious Alumni. As in the past, this is partly a benefit for the Mare Island Historical Park Foundation, co-sponsored by The Nocturnes Night Photography Web site, and held at locations on Mare Island - Saturday, February 27, 2010, from 1:30 pm to 6:30 / 7pm - followed by night photography from 7pm until about 11pm. Visit for the details (and we have a few!), let us know your intentions – and tell all your nocturnal friends! Look forward to seeing you on Mare Island! Susan Nichols Tim Baskerville _____________________________ "So, you really should VISIT more often . . ." The Nocturnes family of Web sites: