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Bill Schwab (Michigan)
Born in Detroit, Michigan in 1959, Bill Schwab’s fascination with photography began at an early age. Sustaining himself with a successful commercial photography career lasting nearly 20 years, his personal work has continued to be the main focus of this long running devotion to his photographic art. To see more images go to billschwab.com

Young Maple - River Rouge, Dearborn, MI. 2003

Drift Rope 2004

". . . And the pattern still remains on the wall where darkness fell,
And it's fitting that it should, for in darkness I must dwell.
Like the colorof my skin, or the day that I grow old,
My life is made of patterns that can scarcely be controlled."

Patterns by Simon and Garfunkel, 1965

Ghost Feather, Sturgeon Bay, Michigan 2003

Maple - Torchlight, Michigan 2003

Sun and Moon - Lake Myvatn, Iceland

Wagoshance Light - Sturgeon Bay, Michigan 2003