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Return to Rush Ranch
With Tim Baskerville - September 15, 2016

The Place
Rush Ranch, an operating cattle ranch, is located in a 2,070 acre open space area, purchased and operated by the Solano Land Trust. We will start in daylight with a docent-guided tour of the Ranch and the 3 hiking trails surrounding it. The 2-mile Marsh Trail leads down to the edge of Suisun Marsh, the hike up Suisun Hill Trail provides scenic vistas of the Marsh, Ranch, and the adjacent hills - all unique parts of this gentle, quiet landscape. The Ranch itself provides a wealth of interesting subjects to photograph at night - a number of old buildings (corral, stable, barn), plenty of old farm equipment, weathervanes, etc.

Workshop Details
After our tour, we meet in the Visitor Center for a brief introduction to Night Photography, followed by plenty of detailed information about the evening's shoot. Emphasis will be on evaluating existing lighting situations and exposing specific films and digital cameras accordingly. Supplemental lighting possibilities will be discussed and demonstrated, with an emphasis on "Light Painting" techniques. Slide, B&W, color negative films, and digital will be discussed and compared. This is an intensive workshop limited to 15 participants, closely supervised on location. Students provide their own equipment and should be familiar with basic photographic techniques. An equipment and/or film list will be provided upon receipt of payment. Camping on the property can be arranged for those who wish to photograph into the "wee small hours of the night"

Tuition and Registration
Tuition:$100, with full payment and pre-registration due by September 10, 2016. Participants should plan on packing a light meal for the evening; snacks and beverages will be provided. Complete information is included in our Registration Form - which you can print out, and send or FAX in with your deposit to Pacific Media Arts.

Partial proceeds from this workshop will benefit the outreach and education programs of the Rush Ranch Educational Council.

We hope to see you at Rush Ranch this Full Harvest Moon!

Suisun Marsh

Gate to Rush Ranch, ©Tim Baskerville

Weathervane on Rush Ranch