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"Meet me in L.A. . . "
With Tom Paiva and Tim Baskerville - Dates TBA

Tom Paiva©2005-7

General Information
This comprehensive workshop has been held in the past over three nights in June, with a follow-up evening on a subsequent Saturday, to view prints and transparencies, critique work, problem-solve, etc. A possible visit from a special guest lecturer was planned for the third night, as well.

After the lectures, on the first night, we concentrated on photographing the architectural features, historic piers, and the beach area in the Venice/Santa Monica area, while the second night we photographed in and around the new Disney Hall, in the downtown LA area. And, the third night was spent photographing on location, in a specially arranged session (with many heavy security protocols, as you can imagine!), at the Port of Long Beach.

Tuition and Registration
Tuition TBA - full payment due no one month prior to the event. To register for this workshop fill out our Registration Form and send or FAX it in with your deposit to Pacific Media Arts. To speak to a live person, call Susan Nichols at Pacific Media Arts - (707) 645-9860.

This Course Description for reference only. At this time - March 2010 - we have planned no L.A. Workshops of this nature - you can contact Tom Paiva directly to learn of other offerings.