Mare Island Historic Park Foundation Lennar Mare Island Vallejo Naval & Historical Museum
Mare Island Nocturne
Introductory Night Photography Workshops on Mare Island
with Tim Baskerville, Founder/Director of The Nocturnes

The Location

Mare Island Naval Shipyard, established in 1854, was the first naval facility on the Pacific Coast. At one point in its history, more than 40,000 men and women worked at the islandís drydocks, shops and warehouses. The Navy closed its doors in 1996, surrendering it, in various parcels, to the City of Vallejo in the subsequent years. and the U.S. Navyís flag was lowered for the last time on April 19, 2002 at the former naval shipyard.

All Night Photos Copyright Tim Baskerville

Tuition and Registration

These are FREE introductory Night Photography workshops - offered by The Nocturnes and the SF Bay Flyway Festival (now in its 19th year) on Saturday
February 20 and February 21, 2016.
To register for this workshop - fill out a Registration Form (Saturday)
OR -
Registration Form (Sunday)
- then send or FAX it in to Pacific Media
Arts. Form(s) must be received no later
than February 17th). To speak to a live person, call Susan Nichols at Pacific
Media Arts - (707) 645-9860.



Building #680


Building #153, Tripoli

Structure 942

Powerplant with Tree

Quarters 'O'

Crane, Building #46

Welcome to MI

Structure 942, detail

Building #680, Study 2