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Night Photography
Mini-Review of Andrew Sanderson's book Night Photography
by The Nocturnes, August 2003

We recently received a review copy of Andrew Sanderson's most recent book, titled succinctly enough: "Night Photography." Tim has a few things to mention about the work, which he has added to the reading list for his UC Berkeley Extension class.

Tim notes that: "Sanderson's text, while dealing predominantly with black and white night photography, and putting a lot of emphasis (appropriately, I believe) on the problem of contrast control, has a lot to offer all Nocturnists (working with black and white, color, digital), concentrating, as it does, on the 'basics.' With lots of helpful hints - from what time of year is good to photograph at night, and what film format is good to use for night work, to what to pack in your camera bag - this text is a must-have for the serious Nocturne! It also includes a lot of charts and special recipes for b/w development. In addition, the reader is treated to many excellent images from Sanderson's portfolio - all done in the North of England, where he lives."