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Town and Country December 2005


Roosevelt Bynum Jr

Ivan Dryer

Andy Frazer

Michael Klensch

Roger Krueger

Adam Kuehl

Al Olson

Brad Rankin

Joe Reifer

Craig Reynolds

Lisa Ryers

Manu Schnetzler

David Strohl

"Anything more than 500 yards from the car just isn't photogenic." - Edward Weston

And with that quote, attributed to Edward Weston, we welcome you to our "Town and Country" show!

For this exhibit, we asked all interested NPs (Night Photographers) to reflect on the dual themes (and sometimes they're the same theme!) of urban and natural landscapes, which we find in Night Photography. Sounds easy, right? Not so fast . . . as with many of the shows we've done here, there's more to it than the obvious. Equal parts of Penny and Wisteria Lane provide a darker view of "Town and Country" - our urban experience interwoven with our suburban and wilderness dreams . . .

Let's just ventrue out, shall we?

Palo Alto Parking Lot
Edward West ©2004

(Above image is from our previous Exhibit:
This is Not
Your Father's Nocturne

First, tho' - we would like to thank Pete Zivkov of Pacfic Art League and the Tech Tower in Palo Alto, California, who acted as Juror for this exhibit - we think he did a fantastic job! Pete's work (with the subtle color palettes he employs and duality of imagery) was the springboard we used to "spark" people's creative juices for this show, once we had the theme 'jelling' in our collective Nocturnes brain! So, it was a pleasure having him take on "Jury Duty" for us, as well!

Read Pete's comments about some of the work in the exhibit (and not just the "Big Winners") here.

Also, be sure to visit NightTalk, the message board of The Nocturnes, and let us know what you thought of this exhibition.

The Zion Villages
Manu Schnetzler ©2005

Tree on Curb
Brad Rankin ©2005

The Red Door
David Strohl ©2005

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