In addition to his commmentary on the Awards page for the Best of Show, and Honorable Mention awards, our Juror had this to say about some other notable images:

"I would ask you to pass on the following comments . . .

Trees in Parking Lot by Brad Rankin:
"These three work nicely as a grouping. Number 3 is outstanding in its cropping, color and mood.

Sunnyvale Heritage Orchard by Andy Frazer:
"Really like the way city is encroaching or intruding on the countryside here. Excellent concept.

Pulaski Tree by David Strohl:
" Brilliant lighting and color. Love the way you have framed the subject.

SF/Joshua Tree, Smith at the Beach, and The Zion Villages by Manu Schnetzler:
"I liked the unifying use of color in the city/desert image and the double exposures of city and country. The combination of the tree and water tower shapes works especially well. More highlight detail in the water tower is desirable.

Sheep, Sun Flower, Runaway #1, and Church by Craig Reynolds:
"Lonely and mysterious suburban scenery. I feel an uncomfortably cold emptiness in these images . . .

Trailer, Parked (green) by Joe Reifer:
"Great subject matter. This image could have been a stronger contender if the trailer was framed without background distractions and off the center. Getting much closer with a wide angle lens could have created a more dynamic composition.

"Silverton by Al Olson &
Auroral Blanket over Skagway
by Michael Klensch:
"Just gorgeous color and scenery, but sadly we have all seen this type of image before.

The Other Side by Adam Kuehl:
"I loved how the horse snuck up on me, and how the fence is a metaphorical border between city and country. Really well done."

Pete Zivkov, Juror
"Town and Country"
December 2005