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A Night on the Hill May 2005


Tim Baskerville

David Callen

Max Davis

Emil Flock

Robert Garrett

Ed Hamilton

Alison Heath

Mark Jaremko

Marcus Kazmierczak

John Monroe

Andrew Peterson

Lisa Ryers

Greta Schnetzler

Manu Schnetzler

John Vias

Edward West

Ralph Wilson

"But the fool on the hill,
Sees the sun going down.
And the eyes in his head,
See the world spinning 'round."

(Lennon/McCartney, 1967)

The Nocturnes, along with Schnetzler Photography, will be hosting "A Night on the Hill," an exhibit of Photography by 17 local Night Photographers at Farley's on Potrero Hill, in San Francisco, from May 3 - 31, 2005. A reception for
the Artists will be held on May 22nd, from 5 to 7pm.

Farley's at Night by Manu Schnetzler

Tim Baskerville, Founder and Director of The Nocturnes, had this to say about the exhibit: "The map below only indicates some of the physical locations of the images you see in this show. As Roger, Greta, and Manu have pointed out, these photos are about an essence, a sense of place, transformed through Night Photography. We have presented many shows over the years, inviting photographers to focus their lenses in the dark, on neighborhoods as diverse as Soma, the Presidio, and the Embarcadero - and we have seen fantastic work done there, but mostly by what could be considered ‘visitors’ to those areas. This exhibit, though, marks a truly neighborhood or community response to our call for artwork. A neighborhood is a place and people, after all - living and working together toward a common good.”

Geomap of northernmost part of Potrero Hill

Be sure to visit NightTalk, the message board of The Nocturnes, and let us know what you thought of this exhibition - whether you viewed it online or in person!


22nd and Carolina

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