A Night on the Hill - Night photography of, from, & around Potrero Hill

At Farley's on Potrero Hill - 1315 18th Street, San Francisco, CA
From May 3 - 31, 2005, with a Reception for the Artists, held on May 22nd, 5-7pm

Alison Heath Andrew Peterson 1 Andrew Peterson 2 David Callen 1 David Callen 2

"But the fool on the hill,
Sees the sun going down.
And the eyes in his head,
See the world spinning 'round."


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Tim Baskerville

David Callen

Max Davis

Emil Flock

Robert Garrett

Ed Hamilton

Alison Heath

Mark Jaremko

Marcus Kazmierczak

Dusty Lombardo

John Monroe

Andrew Peterson

Lisa Ryers

Greta Schnetzler

Manu Schnetzler

John Vias

Edward West

Ralph Wilson


Twenty pieces were
selected from this group
of sixty for the exhibit at Farley's (approximately
one piece per artist).

Alison Heath.jpg Andrew Peterson ... Andrew Peterson ... David Callen 1.jpg David Callen 2.jpg
David Callen 3 Dusty Lombardo 1 Dusty Lombardo 2 Dusty Lombardo 3 Ed Hamilton
David Callen 3.jpg Dusty Lombardo 1... Dusty Lombardo 2... Dusty Lombardo 3... Ed Hamilton.jpg
Edward West 1 Edward West 2 Edward West 3 Emil Flock 1 Emil Flock 2
Edward West 1.jpg Edward West 2.jpg Edward West 3.jpg Emil Flock 1.jpg Emil Flock 2.jpg
Emil Flock 3 Greta Schnetzler 1 Greta Schnetzler 2 Greta Schnetzler 3 John Monroe 1
Emil Flock 3.jpg Greta Schnetzler... Greta Schnetzler... Greta Schnetzler... John Monroe 1.jpg
John Monroe 2 John Monroe 3 John Monroe 4 John Monroe 5 John Monroe 6
John Monroe 2.jpg John Monroe 3.jpg John Monroe 4.jpg John Monroe 5.jpg John Monroe 6.jpg
John Monroe 7 John Monroe 8 John Monroe 9 John Vias 1 John Vias 2
John Monroe 7.jpg John Monroe 8.jpg John Monroe 9.jpg John Vias 1.jpg John Vias 2.jpg
John Vias 3 John Vias 4 John Vias 5 Lisa Ryers 1 Lisa Ryers 2
John Vias 3.jpg John Vias 4.jpg John Vias 5.jpg Lisa Ryers 1.jpg Lisa Ryers 2.jpg
Lisa Ryers 3 Manu Schnetzler 1 Manu Schnetzler 2 Manu Schnetzler 3 Manu Schnetzler 4
Lisa Ryers 3.jpg Manu Schnetzler ... Manu Schnetzler ... Manu Schnetzler ... Manu Schnetzler ...
Marcus Kazmierczak 1 Marcus Kazmierczak 2 Marcus Kazmierczak 3 Mark Jaremko 1 Max Davis 1
Marcus Kazmiercz... Marcus Kazmiercz... Marcus Kazmiercz... Mark Jaremko 1.jpg Max Davis 1.jpg
Max Davis 2 Max Davis 3 Ralph Wilson 1 Ralph Wilson 2 Ralph Wilson 3
Max Davis 2.jpg Max Davis 3.jpg Ralph Wilson 1.jpg Ralph Wilson 2.jpg Ralph Wilson 3.jpg
Robert Garrett 1 Robert Garrett 2 Robert Garrett 3 Robert Garrett 4 Robert Garrett 5
Robert Garrett 1... Robert Garrett 2... Robert Garrett 3... Robert Garrett 4... Robert Garrett 5...
Robert Garrett 6 Tim Baskerville 1 Tim Baskerville 2 Tim Baskerville 4 Tim Baskerville 5
Robert Garrett 6... Tim Baskerville ... Tim Baskerville ... Tim Baskerville ... Tim Baskerville ...