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The Color of Night January 2002


Warren Agee
Warren Bates
Ron Becijos
Patrick Brockway
Christopher Church
George Ciardi
Michelle Cohen
Tram Davies
Geoff Day
Ivan Dryer
Susanne Friedlich
George Harris
Faye Heath
Mark Interrante
Michael Jones
Paula Kelly
Ryan Ketterman
Roger Krueger
Trint Ladd
David Linnig
Forrest MacCormack
Wil Milan
Doug Miller
Dorothy Murray
Jason Porter
Michael Quinn
George Seitz
Kenn Snyder
Wayne Vucenic
Betty Walker
Angela Wang
Vincent Wolf

What is the "Color of Night?" Is it wild neon light radiating across the darkness of space, the aberrant glow of the latest technology in industrial lighting, the eerie "tungsten-blue" of a tranquil coastside scene? Or is it more interpretive, like the subtle tones of sepia in an otherwise black and white photograph that relies mostly on the mystery of what is not stated, for color information?

Maybe it's a mute point altogether, as David
Hubel of Harvard Medical School, winner of the Nobel prize for his research on vision suggests: "Rod cells function only in dim light and are blind to color. Get up on a dark moonlit night and look around. Although you can see shapes fairly well, colors are completely absent. It is remarkable how few people realize that they do without color vision in dim light." (from "How We See Colors" ).

Much like the rather inexact discipline of Night Photography, perhaps decoding "the color of night" is as much an act of faith as it is science. I think it is very much akin to dreaming in color - the potential is there - it's just that sometimes it's not necessary, for the content, the mood, is so evocatiive that we sense the color, not just see it, in our dreams.

Our Jurors for this show:
Troy Paiva started photographing 12 years ago, and was immediately drawn to the magic of Night Photography. His haunting photos of a "Lost America" seem to have struck a powerful chord in the consciousness of citizens of industrialized societies all over the world.

Larrie Thomson, from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. His work has been published in the U.K. and North America. When not prowling the prairie at night in search of images, he teaches night photography, conducting workshops in the Edmonton area.

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