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"From Tucson to . . . " December 2004


Scott Arendt

Ron Becijos

Jerry Day

Ivan Dryer

Robert Garrett

Norris Harrington

Paula Kelly

Michael Klensch

Deb Rourke

Blake Shaw

Joe Sumner

Ben Zorensky

"I've been from Tucson to Tucumcari, Tehachapi to Tonapah . . ."

This exhibition of Night Photography, showcasing the Southwest, draws its title from the song, Willin' by Lowell George and the band Little Feat (1971). For our inspiration for this show, we drew an imaginery line from Tucson, Arizona to Tucumcari, New Mexico; and from there, up to Tonopah, Nevada and finally down to Tehachapi, in California. That retangle, touching on five (or six) states in the Southwestern U.S., describes the area we focused on, for the images in this exhibit.

Area 4t

Noted photographer and Juror William Lesch is no stranger to the nocturne or the Southwest. A native of Tucson, he began photographing at night in the late '70's, as an extension of his motion and time exposure work. In the mid 80's, he developed a style of color light painting that combined a daylight and a night exposure on the same film. The technique, though time-consuming and unruly, provided Lesch with the element of surprise and discovery he has always sought in his work. We hope you find some surprises here and enjoy the show!

View some of Bill's latest work, with a link to his site, in our Gallery section.

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Truckin' on Route 66
Blake Shaw ©2004

Mexican Sunset
Scott Arendt ©2004

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