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Surrealistic Nocturne November 2003


Jackie Alpers
Ron Becijos
John Bergholm
Frederick Chang
Sally Clark
Geoff Day
Ivan Dryer
Andy Hoets
Mark Interrante
Paula Kelly
Robert Kerwin
Michael Klensch
Roger Krueger
Forrest MacCormack
Brenda Mansfield
Adam Moore
Allen Russ
Marla Showfer
William Suayan
Ron Tarver
Mark Teitelbaum
Andrew Vogt
Mark Warren
Paul Weiner
Barbara Yoshida
Daniel Zawadzki

"When logic and proportion
Have fallen sloppy dead,
And the White Knight is talking backwards
And the Red Queen's "off with her head!"

(White Rabbit by Grace Slick, From the LP "Surrealistic PIllow" ©1967 Jefferson Airplane

Welcome to our online exhibit of Night Photography, judged by noted Curator Michael S. Bell, a specialist in American Art, who researched the surrealist phenomena while he was assistant curator at the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco fifteen years ago. I would like to thank all who submitted work to "Surrealistic Nocturne" - it was not an easy task, I know interpreting Surrealism AND the nocturne, as our distinguished juror, Michael S. Bell points out in his Juror's statement. And, while all the images are excellent night photographs, fewer excelled as surrealistic, adhering to the more formal guidelines outlined in this exhibit's Prospectus.

Tim Baskerville, Curator
October 31, 2003

"There is a difference between art which evokes a surreal feeling or is merely bizarre, and art which is formally Surrealist, with a capital "S". Of the many fine images presented, about five qualified art historically in the latter sense as "Surrealist Nocturnes", while another three were borderline. Surrealism is a trend in art, some prefer to call it a way of life. I tend to the former description which extends as far back as Bosch, and was made a dominant interest during what I refer to as the "Heroic Period" of Surrealism in Europe in the early 20th century. Though modernist revisionism enjoys mischaracterizing automatism as THE unequaled feature of Surrealism, I vehemently disagree and have devoted nearly twenty years to the dispute in word and deed."

Michael S. Bell, Juror

© Ivan Dryer

© Michael Klensch