California Nocturne - Awards
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A general curatorial comment from our Juror:
"It is interesting to see the number of 'similar' entries from the same photographer. You can definitely see a 'style' emerging. There are a half dozen that make my "pick" but, as difficult as it can be, only one winner . . ."
Best of Show

Eureka, CA
by Jason Mullins (U.S.)
"The exposure on this shot is right-on. The sky is wonderful, with the moving clouds. This shot has a lot going on compositionally. The use of foreground/background works for me. The water is placid - while the factory/sawmill in the background is anything but. The one pier in the center foreground balances with the smokestack. The conveyor system (the slanted tube at the sawmill) compliments the steam blowing the opposite direction. Well done and deserving of the number one pick!" - Tom Paiva

Honorable Mention

China Camp Pier
by Andy Frazer (U.S.)

"This image is a great example of the smooth and 'sexy' gradation from warm tones in the foreground to the cool blue tones in the background. Compositionally, it works well as it draws your eye into to cool darkness."

Honorable Mention

Malibu View, Malibu Beach
by Ivan Dryer (U.S.)

"Night shots with people are difficult, but this one works - and tells a story. It is not my usual type of image, but it says "California" to me, which is the theme, after all."

And an observation by Tim Baskerville, the Curator for this exhibit: "It's remarkable that all three winners incorporated place-names in their titles - a perfect fit, we think for an exhibtion dealing with one of grandest of place names - California! These results are made the more remarkable, due to the fact that the jurying was done without the aid of any of the pieces titles! As the lyrics to the song go (sort of): '. . . and California Nocturne is becoming a reality.' And of course, all three images feature the waters of the Pacific Ocean and our bays in them - it kind of defines us, doesn't it?"