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California Nocturne March 2002


Ron Becijos
David Bowman
Sally Clark
Ivan Dryer
Rory Earnshaw
Derek Fitzer
Andy Frazer
Darren Hardy
Robert Kerwin
Roger Krueger
Noah Lang
Jason Mullins
Michael Quinn
Greta & Manu Schnetzler
Marla Showfer
Patrick Stanbro
Gary Thompson
Daniel Zawadzki

"All the leaves are brown
and the sky is gray.
I've been for a walk on a winter's day.
I'd be safe and warm if I was in L.A.
California dreamin' on such a winter's day.

California Dreamin' by John, Michelle Phillips
©1966 The Mamas and the Papas

The exhibition was juried by original Nocturne (The Nocturnes, 1991) and Night Photographer Tom Paiva of Los Angeles.

This exhibit, coinciding with the return of spring to our part of the world, will explore the connections between "California" - the geographic location, the name (and all it conjures up), the myth, the idea, the dream - and mysterious, dream-like, joyous night photography. We've often thought that there's a special link between California (and coast-life) and those of us who stand out late at night on silent beaches, and dizzy-ing cliffs, with tripods in tow, interpreting the vastness of the night sky. Like Josephine Miles, in the poem "After this, sea", have we "come to the end of the road?" Is "California" now just a word? We at The Nocturnes believe that the connection is still there to be made - want to have a go at it? It's yours to interpret - maybe an image that just hints at that "California" idea - it could be a photo of the night sky signifying "outer space" - that's our newest frontier, isn't it? Like California was 150 years ago - or for a kid from the land-locked Midwest who grew up on a mix of West Coast Psychedelia and Surf Music - a mere 40 years ago!

© Roger Krueger

© Michael Quinn