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The Nocturnes 2006 July 2006


Brian Chapman
John Conner
Tram Davies
Geoffrey Day
Jerry Day

Ivan Dryer
Jeffrey Evans
Teric Farmer
DeAnna Foran
Denise Fuson

Sherry Glassman
Ed Hamilton
Philip Hanneth
Linda Hanson
Norris Harrington

Jennifer Hattam
Carol Henry
Andy Hoets
Mark Jaremko
Robert Jones

Robert Kerwin
Ryan Ketterman
Michael Klensch
Michael Koerner
Roger Krueger

Eunjoo Lim
Tom Morrow
Todd Pizzini
Natasa Radovic
Joe Reifer

Deb Rourke
Brian Sherman
Joe Sumner
George Talusan
John Vias

Thilde Weems
Jon Wollenhaupt
Ben Zorensky

Welcome to our biennial celebration of the original exhibition from which this show (and the Web site) takes it name: The Nocturnes; in this our Anniversary Year! Installed at Gallery Sanchez, in San Francisco in 1991, that critically-acclaimed show brought together ten intrepid San Francisco Bay Area Night Photographers, to show 50-plus pieces, and was curated by our own Tim Baskerville! It is in the spirit of that original show - a spirit of discovery, experimentation, and mystery - that we initiated these biennial shows, and indeed, the Web site itself!

15th St. Lifeguard House in Miami, ©George Talusan

Moonlit Palms, Michael Koerner ©2006

Yukon Magic, Michael Klensch ©2006

Also, be sure to visit NightTalk, the message board of The Nocturnes, and let us know what you thought of this exhibition.

Presidio Gate
Carol Henry ©2006

John Vias ©2006

Shadows & Stones
Sherry Glassman ©2006

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