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2001: A nocturne March 2001


David Baldwin
Ron Becijos
Ryan Becijos
Peter Blandori
Susan Bregman
Ivan Dryer
Ken Jarvis
Adam Moore
Larrie Thomson
Robert Vizzini

The work you see in this online exhibition, we think represents some of the brightest (pardon the pun) night work on or off the Web. In jurying this competition, we were continually amazed with the variety of techniques and treatments we saw. And once again, we were impressed with the irony, humor, and synchronicity of the different individuals' work. I mean, there were two pieces that referenced Jupiter!

A number chose the moon as an element - another good choice. Still another entrant chose Urbana, IL. as the title - only spelled backwards, helping to unveil the lush ritualistic, primitive aspect we find in much of Night Imagery. Many pieces dealt with the monolithic - another popular theme in Night Photography.

There could have been many more prize winners - the work was that good. Great job, all!

© Ryan Becijos