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Vol.15 No.2
"Fortunately, art is a community effort - a small but select community living in a spiritualized world, endeavoring to interpret the wars and the solitudes of the flesh." - Allen Ginsberg


Here we are, May already, and so, w
e present this special report (our 58th NightNews!) now - with some more important announcements . . .

Cead Mile Failte
- Irish for a "hundred thousand welcomes"

This just in: the Trip is ON! The long-awaited return of The Nocturnes to photograph (both nocturnal and diurnal!) in the beautiful, magical West of Ireland, has moved through the final stages of planning and promotion and on to "pre-flight!" As with some of our past treks, The Light of Ireland, is offered thru Strabo Tours for 11 days - July 15-25, 2013.

There are still spaces available on this Photo Tour, but as you know, with international tours/travel, one needs a bit more lead time to attend - so if you're interested (or know of someone who is) feel free to contact us directly via email: basket[at]thenocturnes[dot]com or call: 707-645-9860

I will be leading this trip as I did in 2001 and 2002. Ireland is a very special place for me. In addition to having relatives in Northern County Mayo and County Sligo, as I've said, I have traveled many times to the area, starting in the early 1980s - with Workshops offered by Ron Rosenstock, the very photographer whose Hillcrest House (a former Bed 'n' Breakfast, registered with the Irish Tourist Board) will be our home base, while in the West of Ireland. Located midway between Westport and the village of Newport, in County Mayo – it is from there, that we will set out on daytime and nighttime excursions to discover and share the beautiful light and spirit of Ireland.

And now, some Stateside News!
We have these May / June Workshops scheduled:

May 9-16-23; at Rayko Photo Center. Continuing study of the Urban Nocturne.

May 24-25-26; sites within the GGNRA. Note to Alumni - expect a special email re: this offering!

June 5-12-19-26; Harvey Milk Photo Center. More
"Postcards from San Francisco."

June 21-22; Gualala Arts Center. A repeat of our successful "A Northern Nocturne" of last year!

Finallly, back to our Top Story. . .
Our schedule, while in Ireland will keep us busy, but there will be ample opportunities to relax and enjoy the sweeter, gentler pace of life on the Emerald Isle. The frantic schedules of our daily lives will dissolve into peaceful days of total immersion into our Irish adventure.

Sound interesting? We can talk about it more, sometime soon, if you'd like. Also, I can put you in touch via email with people who have taken the Tour previously, and they can fill you in on some of the great points about the trip, from a participant's perspective, if you'd like. Have you been to Ireland before? England? Europe? Any relatives in that part of the World?

To see images done on an earlier PhotoTour we did, check out some of participant Mike Quinn's images (and commentary!) - on The Nocturnes site: www.thenocturnes.com/workshops/Eire2002/index.htm
Also, check out this page of Night Work (and reflections) from another of our trips - www.thenocturnes.com/workshops/mayonight.html - by yours truly.

We hope you find these images and details helpful as we prepare for our trip to the Emerald Isle in July. Should be interesting/entertaining - whether you can make the trip, or not!

We will keep those interested in the Tour updated, sending out periodic missives about the trip, along with travel hints, inspiring images, musical treats, readings, and reflections on the West of Ireland. These occasional communiqués that will appear in your INBOX as Links to The Nocturnes Blog, which has been commandeered and will serve as "The Nocturnes in Ireland - 2013" Blog.

Just in case you're on Facebook, you might have a look at what I've been linking to, much of which deals with life (and Photography) in Ireland. Not to mention Irish music, genealogy, history, Brehon Law,
The Gathering, and Irish constitutional rights! Here's the link - http://www.facebook.com/tim.baskerville

Hope you enjoy this virtual tour of the West of Ireland! Maybe see in July . . . ?

Tim Baskerville

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Tour - http://phototc.com/tours/details/the-light-of-ireland

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