"Night News" - an occasional missive from the darkness
Vol.13 No.5
"Fortunately, art is a community effort - a small but select community living in a spiritualized world, endeavoring to interpret the wars and the solitudes of the flesh." - Allen Ginsberg

Continuing with this series of monthly communiqués, just to keep up with all the activivites surrrounding our year-long celebration, "TheNocturnes@20." You can view the complete schedule of events (starting wa-a-y back in January!) here. However, you'll probably want to see the current list of upcoming events - with more being added weekly - at this link.

So, on to some of the featured events and deadlines for August 2011 - let's have a look, shall we?
Our newest exhibit, "Mare Island Nocturnes" - celebrating 20 years of The Nocturnes Night Photography Group and 5 years on Mare Island - is now up and running, thru September 15 at the Mare Island Museum - you should definitely have a look! See this PDF for all the details.

A reception for the artists (20 dedicated Nocturnes gathered from "the usual suspects") is being held Sunday August 14, from 2 to 4pm (snacks and beverages provided). It will be a busy day "on-island; with the Mare Faire going on down on the south end, as well - why not come on out and see what the fuss is all about!?
Now for some quick reminders of deadlines and such:
  • All the entries are in, and we begin work on our latest online exhibit, "All along the Lee Shore" right after the MINSy show (see above). We hope to have the show up by the week of August 22. Thank you for your patience - all those who submitted work.
  • August 26 is new deadline to register for the Full Moon Night Photography Workshop in San Francisco with Tim Baskerville and Tom Paiva (September 9-10-11).
  • REMINDER: August 31 is the deadline to register for the Death Valley Full Moon Night Photography Workshop with Tim and Tom (October 7-8-9)

Finally, this month's teaser for you to ponder for next month: What great new Gallery space are a group of 20 of The Nocturnes Alumni going to visit in September? And what location will be showing some 85 prints by "the usual suspects' (and then some) in November, to close out this, our Anniversay Year? But wait! . . . there's more - in next month's NightNews!

"It was twenty years ago, today . . ."

Hope to see you at one or all of these events!

Susan Nichols
workshop [at] thenocturnes [dot] com

"So, you really should VISIT more often . . ."

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