"Night News" - an occasional missive from the darkness
Vol.4 No.2

"May you have warm words on a
cold evening, a full moon on a
dark night, and the road downhill
all the way to your door."

-Traditional Irish blessing

"The wild and windy night
That the rain washed away
Has left a pool of tears
Crying for the day.
Why leave me standing here?
Let me know the way."

-"The long and winding road" by Lennon/McCartney (1970)

Welcome to Part 2 of this spring edition of "Night News." As mentioned in part one, here we will cover the latest nocturnal NEWS in EXHIBITS, LIBRARY NOTES, and MUSICAL NOTES. Ready? Here we go!

"Night Songs: An exhibit of Night Photographs by the class of Tim Baskerville" ran from April 9, through May 2, 2002 in The Galleria of the University of California Berkeley Extension Center, here in San Francisco. Check the Web site - http://www.thenocturnes.com/nightsongs.htm - for work done by thirteen pf the people who took the course.

Our latest online exhibit of Night Photography - "The Color of Night" - is now online. Juried by Troy Paiva (US) and Larrie Thomson (Canada), you can see the results of this exciting show at - http://www.thenocturnes.com/tcon/index.htm - check it out!

We are pleased to announce the latest in our series of online Exhibitions of Night Photography - "The Nocturnes 2002" - be sure to visit - http://www.thenocturnes.com/entries.htm - for a full Prospectus for the show.

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Recent Acquisitions:
Courier, Richard Shindell Live. Signature Sounds #5161270
A Love Supreme, John COltrane. Impulse Records #GRD155
Kind of Blue, Miles Davis. Reissue. Columbia Records #ck64935
C'mon, C'mon, Sheryl Crow. A+M Records #069493260-2
The Seven Steps to Mercy, Iarla O'Lionaaird. Real World #CAROL2368-2

This concludes part two of this special edition of "Night News." We have an awful lot going on this year, mid-year - look for a special multi-part wrap-up edition at years end.

As always, this and past issues of "Night News" are accessible at http://www.thenocturnes.com/nitenews.htm

And remember, this summer (when you just want to - in the words of Sheryl Crow - "soak up the sun"), in the heat of the night to ". . . just be careful out there!"

Susan Nichols


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