The 12th Online Exhibition of Night Photography
From Tucson to . . .

The Southwestern Show judged by noted Photographer William Lesch
The invites all interested artists to enter "From Tucson to . . . " - our latest online Night Photography Exhibition. This competition is open to all night photographers, all photo media - traditional B/W, color, "hybrid workflows," and digital cameras are OK, too! We ask only that your final outcome would normally be a fine photographic print - b/w, color, alternative, whatever - presenting mysterious, riveting nocturnal imagery of the American Southwest, evoking vast open spaces, spectacular light, and a sense of the open road. Those elements, and of course the musical connection, which we're always making here at The Nocturnes!

The title for the show comes from a Lowell George (of the band Little Feat) song entitled Willin' (1971) and the specific lyrical content we had in mind for this show goes like this:
"I've been from Tucson to Tucumcari
Tehachapi to Tonapah . . ."
- thereby describing an area (spanning 5 states) of America's great Southwest that has served as inspiration for artists for generations, and for thousands of years before that - as the sacred landscape of the Native Americans who called it home.

With the song's lyrics:
"Driven every kind of rig that's ever been made.
Now I've driven the back roads so I wouldn't get weighed.
And if you give me: weed, whites, and wine
And you show me a sign,
I'll be willin', to be movin'."
- it quickly became an anthem of sorts for America's truckdrivers, as well as various road-trippers, and "dead-headers" (not the followers of the rock band, referring here to a trip that runs without cargo - a car rental return, a freight-less semi trailer, etc.).

With that in mind, let's see what we can come up with for "From Tucson to . . . ," shall we? Get yourself a map and draw a line from Tucson, Arizona to Tucumcari, New Mexico; and from there, up to Tonopah, Nevada and finally down to Tehachapi, California. That retangle describes the area we will draw from, for the images in this exhibit. Just look at the map to see what's included there: Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Petrified Forest, Las Vegas, the Four Corners area, Georgia O'Keefe's Ghost Ranch home at Abiquiu, US Highway 40 and Route 66! Parts of Zion National Park, Glen Canyon, Santa Fe and Joshua Tree lie within it, as well. Mesa Verde, Arches NP, and Bryce Canyon, to mention just a few, are not that far removed from this arbitrary box (or frame) we've constructed. Now, if you have an image from, let's say, Roswell or Mesa Verde that you think is the archtype for the Southwestern experience, let us know about it - convince us! Again, much like our California Nocturne and New York Nocturne shows, maybe your images don't need to be about a specifc location in the described area - perhaps it can refer subliminally to the idea of a Southwestern landscape or state of mind - something to think about, no?

Entry Fee and Deadline
There is no limit to the number of pieces submitted per artist. Entry Fee: $25 for up to 3 entries; each additional entry is $5. Postmarked dates for entries are NOT acceptable for this competition - we will need to RECEIVE your 'hard copy' of entry form and fee by December 3, 2004! Please NOTE: Entries from outside the U.S. should be sent well in advance of the December 3, 2004 deadline, as international mail deliveries are often delayed up to a week or two.

Exhibition Dates:
Exhibition runs from December 10, 2004 through January 31, 2005. Accepted work will then reside in a developing archive of nocturnal imagery on The Nocturnes Web site (NEWLY re-designed!) after the exhibition closes - available to Night Photographers and those interested in Night Photography, worldwide.

What to send:
Send jpeg files at 72 dpi named appropriately for the Web: 8 letters-dot-3 letter extension (e.g.- niteshot.jpg) all lowercase letters. The size should be no greater than 420 pixels in any one dimension. Square medium format images are optimal at 340x340 pixels; and 35mm images should be approximately 280x420 pixels.

If you send images via snail mail, the files should be small enough (see above) to fit on a floppy (use lots of protective cardboard for shipping disk) - we will accept CDs of your images, also. An even better alternative is to send us the URL of images that are already on a web page, and we can 'retrieve' those images. As you might have gathered, we are trying to avoid a flood of emails and haphazard, ineffective attachments being sent to the site.

Two (2) Awards will be awarded at the discretion of the Awards Juror, William Lesch (no stranger to the desert light of night - of Tucson - a Best of Show and an Honorable Mention (Prize Money to be announced). This final jurying will be done from a preliminary selection of works by members of The Nocturnes.