Presidio Nocturnes

Night Photography by Tim Baskerville and Alumni of the Nocturnes Workshop Series and U.C. Berkeley Extension

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© 2001 Candace Kollar

"The night is my companion,
and solitude my guide.
Would I spend forever here, and not be satisfied?
- Sarah McLachlin


That was not a theme selected for this exhibit of Night Photography (originally thought of as being 'a portrait' of the Presidio). It was not a subtext hinted at in a prospectus, acting as a guiding light for these photographers, helping them see in the darkness of this landscape. The call for entries did not extend much beyond the environs surrounding the Presidio and the GGNRA (Golden Gate National Recreation Area), and the community here.

Yet, the transformative potential of Night Photography (to which these photographers are no strangers) has enabled them to present this engaging portrait of a complex landscape, a local treasure. A precious resource that, in this, our season of loss, reminds us what is truly valuable, and what (and how) it is to be truly valued.

These images sing of transformation. The drab, industrial mixed-use areas of the Presidio are transformed here into something magical, beautiful, just as the Presidio itself is changing daily, turning swords into plowshares. Just look across the roadway to the Letterman Ruins.

The landscape is transformed (at the hand of man, or not). Our vision of the world (and ourselves) is transformed. We are transformed.

- Tim Baskerville, Curator, December 2001


Warren Agee
Patrick Brockway
Susanne Friedrich
Ira Glick
Ed Hamilton
Carol Henry
Mark Interrante

Paula Kelly
Candice Kollar
Kieca Mahoney
Adam Moore
Steven Murray
Jimmy Patrick
Michael Pierazzi

Mike Quinn
Ron Saunders
Ralph Singer
Wayne Vucenic
Betty Walker
Angela Wang
Roxanne Worthington

© 2001 Susanne Friedrich

© 2001 Ralph Singer

© 2001 Ira Glick

© 2001 Ralph Singer