> The Nocturnes Exhibits

April 8 - May 2, 2002
An Exhibit of Night Photography
by Tim Baskerville and Alumni of U.C. Berkeley Extension, San Francisco, Night Photography, Fall 2001 Course

55 Laguna at Market Street
Reception: Thursday April 11, 2002
curated by Tim Baskerville

© 2001 Warren Agee

© 2001 Carol Henry

"Have you seen the stars tonight?
Would you like to go up on 'A' Deck
And look at them with me . . ."

Have You Seen the Stars Tonight

by Paul Kantner, David Crosby


Warren Agee
Jenny Andrews
Vicky Aronson
Stephen Byrne
Barbara Digmann
Dennis Funk
Paula Greer
Carol Henry
Mark Interrante
Cliff Jeans
Kieca Mahoney
Valerie Rossman
Roxanne Worthington
Tim Baskerville

© 2001 Cliff Jeans

© 2001 Cliff Jeans