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"All along the Lee Shore . . . " September 2011

In this, our 20th Anniversary year, we would like to present a special themed exhibition (our 24th online Night Photography Exhibit): "All along the Lee Shore . . ." This show was open to all Night Photographers (NPrs), all photo media - we asked only that their final outcome would normally be a fine photographic print - b/w, color, alternative, fuzzy focus, whatever - presenting mysterious, riveting nocturnal imagery with a maritime theme.

Ventura After Dark © Kerstin Nelson

"All along the Lee Shore
Shells lie scattered in the sand
Winking up like shining eyes, at me
From the sea."

(Lee Shore © David Crosby)

For inspiration, we suggested that artists first go no farther than the David Crosby song "Lee Shore" - from which the title of this show comes from (see a great 1970 performance here). This song - a long time fave of ours - is a beautiful, quiet piece evoking imagery of the sea, sailing, and the universality of all living things - a mix of allusions to safe harbor and the darker unspoken dangers of the lee shore - and for us, here at The Nocturnes, continues our study of music as muse.

Be sure to visit The Nocturnes Blog and let us know what you think of this exhibition. We will be posting an annnouncement for the show there in the next few days - feel free to comment!