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Divided Light
© 2002 C. Sarnoff

The Nocturnes: Fort Mason & Environs
October 8 - December 28, 2002

The Fort Mason Foundation and The Nocturnes proudly announce the opening of "Nocturnes: Fort Mason & Environs," a photography exhibition exploring the night landscape of the area. This exhibit kicks off a month-long celebration of night photography at Fort Mason

The show features the work of 25 artists, containing over 50 images in color and black-and-white - all captured on the grounds or in the vicinity of Fort Mason and the Presidio.

Pier, Aquatic Park
© 2002 Susanne Friedrich


Peter Amendt
Ruth Astle
Marc Babsin
Jeanne Brophy
Rebecca Chang
Marie Favorini
Susanne Friedrich
Alex Geidt
Ira Glick
Randy Gunning
Ed Hamilton
Carol Henry
Mark Interrante
Lance Keimig
Lynn Mandel
Adam Moore
James O'Brien
C. Sarnoff
Ron Saunders
Karen Schreiber
Ralph Singer
Paul Snowdon
Howie Spielman
Betty Walker
Lisa Wisniewski

The Magic Theatre
© 2002 Marc Babsin

Outside Greens
© 2002 Howie Spielman

The Golden Gate
© 2002 James O'Brien

Trees, Fort Mason
© 2002 Paul Snowdon