The Nocturnes 2012 - Award Winnners

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Juror's Commentary

by Dave Christensen, Director,
Harvey Milk Photo Center

Best of Show:

Full Moon, Paris #1

By J.K. Lavin

"Looking at this arresting and haunting image, I am immediately drawn into the sublime, elegant, and painterly, cinematic color/tonal quality of place. It presents an exquisite mystery, tension, and timelessness, as one is transported to this location, creating more questions than answers for the viewer.

"This enigmatic photograph pulls you right into a wonderful suspension. Its dreamlike power, strongly evokes memory and story, and is an image that continues to hold you, long after you first gaze upon it, pulling you back again and again."




Honorable Mention:


by Al Garber

"Megawatt drama is the first impression this image presents itself with. Powerful geometric forms, and an incredible perspective and strength, is portrayed in this photograph.

"The sleek contemporary architecture in this compostion is in wonderful contrast, and balanced beautifully against the soft, repetitive beams of light, which strikes an almost musical/visual cord, against the darkened night sky, effortlessly moving the eye through the image."


Your Choices / Thoughts

For participants and viewers alike - Be sure to drop by The Nocturnes NPy Blog - where we posted an announcement this weekend - and leave a comment or two (we're sure you'll have some!) re: this exhibit.

And, to see what we might have been looking for, read the original Prospectus for this show.

We hope you enjoy the show!

Tim Baskerville
Susan Nichols



Best of Show

Full Moon, Paris #1
by J.K. Lavin ©2012

Honorable Mention

by Al Garber ©2012