The Nocturnes 2002
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Our Juror (Bill Schwab): "Before I go on with my choices for this exhibition, I have to say how truly excited I am by the caliber of each and every entry. Every photographer represented here should be proud - of the work they're doing and for getting it out there to be seen."

Best of Show

Teton Theater, Rigby, Idaho
Darren Clark


"A photograph needs to speak at least a little to me in order to begin being absorbed. This one screamed. Extremely simple and gorgeous with the beauty being that I cannot put my finger on it. Something Walker Evans might have seen had he photographed more after dark. It is miles above a simply documentary image, yet with the movies on the marquis it effectively freezes a period in history particularly remarkable for us all. A disturbing unknown exemplified by the screen with its back to us, but an almost soothing light cast upon a small part of foreground by the sign. So American. Overall an excellent image in my opinion."

Honorable Mention

Tony Walton (US)


"What at first seemed nothing more than a blast from a well-tuned sense of design quickly became an adventure as my eye was forcefully dragged into the real meat of this image. It is there, almost out of reach beyond the barren tree. The tracks lead you into the mysterious glow on the horizon under the dreamlike sky. I want to just climb into this one and keep going."

Honorable Mention

Runy's Diner - Fog
George Seitz (US)

"A simple and impressive image - it suggests to me a history while at the same time being timeless. Strong, yet ambiguous sense of place."